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Billy Moschella, Jr.
Lead vocalist/lyricist of 'Serenity'

Keigo Yoshida
Composer/Guitarist of 'Serenity'

Azure Ray

Peter Bradley Adams

Ellis Paul

Jack Johnson

American Football

Loreena McKennitt

Alexis Gach

Nelson Navarrete

Nick Drake

Antje Duvekot

Chris O'Brien

  Radio Stations  

Folk Alley
All folk, all the time...

The Berklee Internet Radio Network

Nature Sounds
Free online 'nature sounds' music player

WUMB 91.9 (Boston)
One of the leading folk music radio stations in the U.S.

KJazz 88.1 (Los Angeles)
Ultra-cool jazz radio station based in Los Angeles

Classical KUSC 91.5 (Los Angeles)
A beacon of hope for classical radio everywhere

KXLU 88.9 (Los Angeles)
The last true indie music radio station left in L.A.

  Eco-Friendly Resources  

Billy Moschella, Jr. official Website
Check out the links page of 'Serenity' lead vocalist/lyricist Billy Moschella, Jr., where you'll find a wide array of causes and organizations supported by Billy.

Sustainable Group
100% Recycled CD packaging, office & paper products.

Greenline Paper Company
Extensive selection of 100% Post Consumer Recycled paper products for all your priting/paper needs.

  Funny Stuff  

The 'Welcome to Canada' Beaver
No animals (nor humans) were harmed in the making of this video.

The Three Stooges: "Slowly I Turned..."
The CLASSIC vaudeville sketch, performed here by the Three Stooges.

The Adventures of Handi Man: The Justice Legion of America
The greatest super hero of all time!

Dracula meets Wanda
The 'fanged one' finally meets his match!

Taco Hell
This is what happens when a passionate Mexican sets foot in a wanna-be American taco restaurant for the very first time...

Julia Child as portrayed by Dan Aykroyd
Julia liked this portrayal of herself so much that she played this video for friends.

Wanda's blind date
A match made in, well...just watch!