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Serenity is a contemporary folk music group comprised of vocalist/lyricist Billy Moschella, Jr. and guitarist/songwriter Keigo Yoshida.  The duo, originally based out of Los Angeles, California, actively performed along the west coast from 2009 through 2012.  Their music draws inspiration from a wide variety of influences, including the shadowy, introspective melodies of Azure Ray and Nick Drake, the lyrical stylings of folk greats such as Bob Dylan and James Taylor, and the folk/rock/pop rhythms of artists such as Jack Johnson and Peter Bradley Adams.

The group combines the soft, sultry vocals and poetic lyrics of lead vocalist Billy Moschella, Jr. with the creative and heart-felt compositions of guitarist and composer Keigo Yoshida.  Their debut album 'The Passage of Time', released in 2010, features drummer Troy 'T-Roy' Berry and backing vocalist Eri Hirako, as well as the beautiful duet vocals of Alexis Fae Gach.  The album is a haunting, lyrically beautiful sonic journey, one that reflects upon the past and gazes forward into the future through nostalgic eyes. The album's song 'Lady of the Moon' has been featured in a UK-based radio campaign sponsored by New Atlantic Records.

Serenity's 2nd studio album 'Love on the Run', released in 2011, has received critical acclaim, and represents a progression in the group's musical sound and style. The album again features drummer Troy 'T-Roy' Berry as well as bassist Sevan Kendir. Serenity is currently signed to independent label Spiced Cider Records as well as to Los Angeles-based music publisher Gotham Records Music Placement.

Both Billy as well as Keigo continue to compose and perform as independent, solo artists.